Top 5 kitchen cheats

Top 5 kitchen cheats

Five kitchen cheats to make life easier

With a few handy gadgets and cheeky ingredients, creating culinary delights can be quicker and easier than ever! Kitchen cheats that every cook should use.


Kitchen Cheats ScissorsSCISSORS

I use my kitchen scissors all the time – they’re handy for so many things and can sometimes eliminate the need to use (and wash) a chopping board. Scissors are perfect for cutting beef and chicken into cubes for curries and casseroles; for chopping herbs; for cutting pizza and even for snipping salad ingredients straight into my work lunchbox.


Kitchen Cheats Stick BlenderSTICK BLENDER

My stick blender recently died and I have to confess to suffering a slight panic as I use it so much. It’s essential for whizzing soups and sauces in the saucepan and also for whisking sorbets to soften them after they’re frozen.



There have been many occasions when I have splattered myself and the kitchen whilst trying to cream sugar with cold butter with my hand-held blender (I told you I use it a lot). Now, instead of waiting ages for the butter to soften (which I never have the patience to do) I use spreadable butter. All of the flavour without the patience!


Top 5 kitchen cheatsCAKE TIN LINERS

These are a recent discovery for me. I know it’s incredibly lazy but I REALLY hate cutting out baking paper and lining tins. With these, you simply pop them in the tin and you’re ready to bake. Genius.



It’s quick and easy to make shortcrust in the food processor but for puff pastry I always buy it ready-made. Tarts topped with a smear of tomato paste or pesto, some leftover cheese, and whatever herbs and veg we have to hand are effortless with a packet of puff pastry. This is treat food in our house – quick and simple enough to make in minutes but special enough for a Friday night with a good red.


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