Plant Gifts – 4 ideas for DIY Plant presents

Christmas Window Box Planter

Plants make a wonderful gift!

Longer lasting than flowers, plant gifts are a great idea to give as a  Christmas present and with a bit of effort they can be made to look really special.

Plant gifts can make a beautiful and thoughtful present for a loved one and if looked after, can last a long time!

Christmas Roses

Winter Window Box

Click here for instructions on how to make a festive window box filled with beautiful Christmas roses and winter greenery. Decorate with artificial snow for an extra Chrismassy effect!

Mason Jar Herb Tray

Purchase small herb plants from the supermarket or garden centre and replant in a mason jar or jam jar. Fill the bottom of the jar with small stones or marbles to add colour. Add a layer of soil and re-plant the herb on top. Arrange in a tray, box or carrier to display together.

Herb Jars as plant gifts
plant gifts Painted Plant Pots

Painted flower pot

One the children will love  – use acrylic paint to decorate a plant pot then re-plant a pot plant or bulbs for perfectly personalised gift.

plant gifts Hyacinth Cyclamen bowl

Bulb planters

Hyacinths, Paperwhite Narcissi, Cyclamen and Scented Crocus can all be forced so that you can gift some early spring colour and scent.

Repurpose bowls, teacups or teapots to plant your bulbs – this looks beautiful and is a sustainable gift too!

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