the joy of writing letters

The joy of receiving post

Don’t let letter-writing become a lost art?

See where history changed

Explore British History: Discover the Turning Points and Fascinating Events

New ideas for places to visit

British Pie Week Chicken & Chorizo Pie

It’s British Pie Week!

Fancy a homemade pie?

Smoked Haddock Scotch Eggs with Lemon Mayonnaise

How to Make the Perfect Scotch Egg: Delicious Recipes with a Twist

Two recipes with a twist

Reduce food waste

Reduce food waste and do your bit for the environment

How to make a difference

Delicious vegan recipes

Cooking for Vegan Guests

Two delicious vegan recipes


Our amazing customers love the Dairy Diary, you will too!

In the customers’ own words

Dairy Diary 40th anniversary

Dairy Diary Anniversary!

First published in 1982

More Taste & Less Waste Cookbook

More Taste & Less Waste, two years in the making!

Delicious food with less waste

Cherry Bakewell Cakes

Cherry Bakewell Cakes for National Cherry Day

Delicious cakes

How to make ice cream

Ice cream – it’s easier than you think!

And sooo delicious!

Dairy Diary cover research

Dairy Diary Cover Research – Can you help?

We need your help!

Dairy Diary
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