Our amazing customers love the Dairy Diary, you will too!


We could go on and on about how much we love the Dairy Diary, and we do!  But it is much better coming from the lovely customers that purchase from us each year.

The Dairy Diary is absolutely for everyone, you’ll be sure to find your new favourite year-planner that you cannot be without.

I have been buying this diary for over 10 years. Only a special few get this in their stocking and there has been no other for me. My favourite part is the budgeting. I highly recommend this for yourself or as a gift .

Mina, Facebook

My mother used to buy me the Dairy Diary when she had a milkman. I have had one every year since and have kept them all, must be at least 30 of them now. I keep all my appointments in the diary, mostly doctor and hospital appointments at my age, and would not be without it. The information and recipes are quick to hand too.

Sandra, Website

I have kept a Dairy Diary every year from 1984 to the present day (with just 1997 and 98 missing because we lived abroad then). They have charted my life, my wedding day, the birth of our children, and all the ups and downs of life. I am so grateful I have kept a diary all these years, they are great to re-read on cold winters days. Thank you Dairy Diary for playing such an important part in my life’s journey!
Jan, Facebook

I have been buying this for many years, my mother loved it. A couple of years ago I bought one for a friend. They now have one every year, they love it so much!

Sandy, Amazon

A special 40th-anniversary edition of the 2022 Dairy Diary is available to purchase now!

Why not take a peek at our fantastic deals page, where you can save up to £1.50! Don’t forget they make the perfect gift too…


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