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Discover new walks

Even for the most optimistic among us, it’s been challenging to remain cheerful over the past few months

There are ways however, to bring a little joy into our lives each day – tiny things we can do to add some colour and relieve the monotony of lockdown.


  1. Wear your wardrobe

Not all at once, obviously! Work your way through your wardrobe from right to left (or left to right if you prefer) wearing a different outfit every day. Obviously summer clothes are not ideal right now so place them at the other end, but otherwise enjoy everything that you own.

Try new outfit combinations, wear a glam dress with thick tights and boots; have fun with what you wear rather than reaching for the same old jeans and jumper. I have given myself the challenge of buying no new clothes for a whole year (this is a HUGE challenge for me!) and have found that this method helps me to love what I own all over again.


  1. Discover new walks

It’s all too easy to fall into the routine of the same walking route every day. But even in your own corner of Britain, there’s bound to be a new route to be discovered. Dust off an old Ordnance Survey map and take a look at what public footpaths surround you, or visit or for new ideas.

When out walking, notice nature – listen to birdsong, watch the ducks on the pond, or look out for crocus and snowdrops as they begin to appear. This mindful activity helps to focus the mind on positive things, rather than negative.

Take time to love the sunset
  1. Connect with your local community

Join your local Facebook group and share uplifting photographs of the walks you have enjoyed or snippets of local history that you think locals may enjoy. Or make a batch of marmalade and put it in a basket in front of your home for passers by to help themselves.


  1. Put on your favourite lipstick

Be the most glamorous in town when you go on your daily wanderings (avoid this when shopping though – lipstick and a face mask are not the best combination!) And smile at everyone you pass. A cheerful ‘hello’ can mean a lot to someone who may not have conversed with anyone that day.


  1. Phone/Whatsapp/Facetime a friend

A catch-up and a good laugh, reminiscing about good times, is a wonderful tonic, and proven to lower stress levels.

You may even want to nominate your friend to receive a beautiful bouquet; we’re giving one away this month

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