The definitive guide to washing symbols

The definitive guide to washing symbols

The Dairy Diary guide to washing symbols

When you have invested your hard-earned money on good quality clothes it’s essential that you give them the care that they deserve. Always check garment labels and follow the Dairy Diary guide to washing symbols.

It’s a great idea to use a laundry basket with two or three compartments so that your dirty washing is pre-sorted. Then when one compartment is full throw it into your washer at a time to suit you. I find it easiest to pop in a load as soon as I get home from work.


Click the image to download a PDF of the Dairy Diary definitive guide to washing symbols

Nearly all fabrics are machine washable these days, and most washing machines handle them with the care they deserve. Sort your clothes and linens by colour and fabric type, and check labels.

Unless absolutely necessary, try to wash clothes at 30 degrees, as this uses less energy and is kinder to the environment. In any case, avoid washing an item at a higher temperature than recommended by the manufacturer, because this can cause it to shrink or change colour.

Every so often, run a higher temperature
programme with the machine empty, to
clean out greasy residues and kill off
any bacteria.

Loading tips
Fill your washing machine loosely. Overloading not only adds to the number of creases that will need ironing out, but can damage your clothes and even your machine. If you are washing woollens, this may mean washing just two or three items in one load.





Coming soon: The Dairy Diary Stain Removal Guide
The key to tackling stains effectively is to act quickly!  And the other key is to use the Dairy Diary Stain Removal Guide.


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