5 reasons why we are a nation of collectors!

Collection of Dairy Diaries

Over the years, many people have written to us with photographs of their collection of Dairy Diaries.

They have kept their treasured, often well used copies and now proudly display the colourful spines of the diaries that hold not only recipes, but their memories of a time gone by. It is comforting to hold onto those memories and joyful to look back through the pages every now and then.

The objects people collect are wide ranging and often strange and quirky but why do we collect things? The reasons are unique, and every collector has their own story.

Five reasons why people collect…

Memory box collection

Family and Emotional Connection

Almost everyone has a small collection of old family photos, greeting cards from friends & family and other small reminders that bring back happy memories. Some people have collections from their youth, such as football programmes, comic books, toys and other things they loved as a child.

Collection of books

Knowledge and Learning

Some individuals are lifelong learners and collect things they can learn from, such as books, magazines, and newspapers. Some may be fascinated with history and collect artefacts that connect them to past events and people.

Collection of records

Pleasure and Enjoyment

Whether it be wine, music albums, concert tickets or even scented rubbers and novelty soap (that was me as a child) some people collect just for fun – for personal pleasure and enjoyment.

Collection of stamps

Collecting as an Investment or for Recognition

Many collect rare and vintage items, like antiques, stamps, coins, toys, and even rare whiskies with a view to their worth increasing and providing a degree of financial security. Others want recognition and prestige for putting together the best or most valuable collection.

Social Interaction and the Thrill of the Hunt

Many people continue collecting because they enjoy talking and exchanging information with fellow collectors and many people soon find that the joy and excitement of finding a new treasure for their collection becomes their primary reason for collecting!


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