Win awesome chutney, relish, sauce and jam from The Bay Tree

Win a delicious bundle from The Bay Tree

The competition is now closed.


I look after communications and marketing at Dairy Diary. I’m a busy mum and love home baking and cooking for my family. In my spare time I enjoy visiting the theatre, eating out with friends and exploring the great outdoors!
    • Irene Campbell
    • 19/10/2020

    I’m not very good at making relishes and chutneys, so hopefully I can find out how the professionals do it.

  1. A prize to relish. Would love this.

  2. Love to taste this delicious selection

      • steve Mcinerney
      • 18/10/2020

      lovely selection

      • Ann Sandover
      • 19/10/2020

      Yes Please. I love cooking and your products look amazing

    • Sonia Williams
    • 26/09/2020

    Oh, lovely. I would love to win .

      • Yvonne Plant
      • 17/10/2020

      Would love to win this

  3. I can taste them already😋

  4. I need to eat more healthy foods – lockdown has meant too much comfort eating – toast, cakes and puds. Fresh, vitamin packed recipes will be good for me

      • Mrs. Elizabeth Bamfield
      • 17/10/2020

      They must taste really scrummy!!

    • Di
    • 20/09/2020

    Theses products sound really delicious. I must try them .

    1. What a saucy companion. I’d be jammy if I won. 😀

  5. What a fantastic great prize !!!!

    • Dave Land
    • 20/09/2020

    What a great prize , fingers crossed !

    • jonathan kelly
    • 20/09/2020

    i like it on cheese .

    • Debbie Morby
    • 20/09/2020

    Yummy.. it would be so good to have all of these in my food cupboards

      • Anna Mills
      • 22/09/2020

      These sound amazing, would love to win them for my brother in the UK.

  6. This looks a really lovely prize

  7. love this for my grandmother she loves chutney

    • Noelle
    • 19/09/2020

    This would make my life so much easier.

  8. What a lovely prize to win

    • Terry Warreb
    • 17/09/2020

    There is plenty of goodness to spread around on a plate.

    • Elizabeth O'Sullivan
    • 16/09/2020

    The prize looks yummy!

    • Sandra Rigby
    • 15/09/2020

    Never win anything so would be really nice!

    • Gill Vernon
    • 15/09/2020

    What a lovely prize full of tasty treats. yummy!

    • Chris
    • 14/09/2020

    Love the dairy diary order 3 every year

    • Sam Ellis
    • 14/09/2020

    Love to win this.

  9. Great prize , would enjoy the delicious dozen

    • angie
    • 13/09/2020

    i love dairy diary, all the recipes and ideas.

    • maria whittaker
    • 13/09/2020

    would love to win this

  10. This prize looks absolutley fabulous!

    • Hilary Boughton
    • 13/09/2020

    What a wonderful combination of preserves! These are good enough to make me look forward to winter.

  11. What a nice prize to win

    • Michelle Rayner
    • 13/09/2020

    sounds delicious

  12. They all look delicious. Fingers crossed.

  13. Lovely recipts

    • ivor powell
    • 13/09/2020



    • Jeanette Flewett
    • 13/09/2020

    Got to be in it, to win it.

  15. I would love to win this amazing prize

    • s Nott
    • 13/09/2020

    I so love pickles! These sound absolutely awesome.

    • Vivian Smith
    • 13/09/2020

    It would be great to win this prize as I am always looking for new ideas for meals that are also healthy

    • Vivian
    • 13/09/2020

    It would be great to win this prize as I am always looking for new ideas for meals that are also healthy

  16. I am always on the lookout for tasty recipes with a difference to day to day repetitive meals.

    • Yvonne Uzzell
    • 12/09/2020

    My mouth is watering just thinking about this prize

    • Jean Lamb
    • 12/09/2020

    What a wonderful range of mouthwatering goodies! Would love to win them!

    • Patricia Smirthwaite
    • 12/09/2020

    Who would’nt

    • Anne Hurst
    • 12/09/2020

    Dairy diary: a lifelong friend Introduced by my mother many years ago!

    • Mrs Sally Burgess
    • 12/09/2020

    I love my Dairy Diary cookery books

    • April
    • 12/09/2020

    I love my Dairy Diary recipes it would be wonderful to have some new ingredients to try with them.

    • jayne hawkes
    • 12/09/2020

    will tantalize my taste buds – fantastic prize.

    • Rhian Jones
    • 12/09/2020

    Delicious looking recipes.

    • George
    • 12/09/2020

    Great prize

    • Yvonne
    • 12/09/2020

    Love these products taste so luxurious.⭐️⭐️

    • Catarina
    • 12/09/2020

    These preserves look amazing, I would love to win them.

  17. It would be lovely to win this prize & have fun using each one.

    • Cynthia Kirkham
    • 12/09/2020

    What a delightful range of goodies.

  18. I would love to win this lovely prize.

    • Christine Owens
    • 12/09/2020

    A fab prize 😀

    • Karen
    • 12/09/2020

    A very zesty prize!

    • Beryl Coombs
    • 12/09/2020

    Prize sounds lovely, so have my fingers crossed!xxx

  19. I would love to try some new recipes for my family. Many thanks for the chance.

  20. Delicious Prize

  21. I love chutney with cheese

  22. A book of exciting usable recipes

    • Julie Edwards
    • 12/09/2020

    Would love to win this prize

  23. Just a lovely prize. Would be great to take to the beach in the winter and summer.

    • Mark
    • 12/09/2020

    Would be great to win this!!

    • Eileen Sumner
    • 12/09/2020

    Super prize

    • Jean Smith
    • 12/09/2020

    I have bought and used my Dairy Diary for the past 40 years. My diary is invaluable for my day to day living and I love and use the recipes frequently.

    • Anne Broadrick
    • 12/09/2020

    A lovely prize

  24. Love to win

    • Jenny Street
    • 12/09/2020

    These look so yummy!

    • Pauline James
    • 12/09/2020

    I would be in a jam without them

    • Alison Robinson
    • 12/09/2020

    Yummy, my mum would love these 🙂

    • Janet Sennett
    • 12/09/2020

    I would love to win thisnprize

    • Geoffrey Pollard
    • 12/09/2020

    what a great prize

    • Roger Shotton
    • 12/09/2020

    I would love to win this prize for my wife and me to share.

    • Roger Shotton
    • 12/09/2020

    What a fantastic prize I would love to win this prize for my wife and I to share.

  25. Lovely birthday present for family member

  26. What a prize, gorgeous flavours, enhancements to any meal.

    • Natalie
    • 12/09/2020

    How exciting. Fingers crossed I win.

    • Brenda
    • 12/09/2020

    I thought I had the zest for life book, appears not so would love to win.

  27. What a lovely presented recipe book and more I can’t wait till pay day to buy one .

  28. This prize is amazing and certainly one I would LOVE to win!

  29. What a superb prize to win

  30. How lovely

  31. I would love to win this prize

      • Dianne Piplica
      • 13/09/2020

      Sounds delicious, I wouldn’t have to make my usual chutney!

    1. A nice prize to win, here’s hoping.

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