Why do we have Christmas trees?

Why do we have Christmas trees

I love the tradition of going as a family to choose our tree – measuring it, fitting it in the car, trimming the wonky bits off and trying to get it to stand up straight!

The best bit for me is opening the familiar boxes of decorations which hold so many memories and hanging each one on the tree and then sitting and admiring the twinkling lights when the work is done!

Whether you are a real or artificial tree fan, whether you have a different colour theme each year or a riot of different colours with homemade decorations adorning your tree, we love our Christmas tree tradition!


So why do we have Christmas trees? And where does the tradition originate from?

It seems the modern Christmas tree we know originated in Germany hundreds of years ago. It was one of the main props in a medieval play about Adam and Eve, symbolising the Garden of Eden, Holy Communion and Christ as the light of the world.

It was called the ‘Paradise Tree’, a fir tree decorated with apples, then later, biscuits and candles.

Along with the Paradise Tree, the Germans constructed a wooden ‘Christmas Pyramid’ to display in their homes, which was decorated with evergreen branches, candles, Christmas figurines and a star. The two, eventually merged in the 16th century to become the Christmas Tree. However, it was not a deep-rooted tradition for the German people until the 19th century and was later introduced to England and popularised by Queen Victoria’s husband, Prince Albert.


Save the Children Christmas Jumper Day

Of course, there are many traditions we enjoy in the festive period with more being founded each year. We always love to participate in Christmas Jumper Day which challenges a nation of school children and workers to compete for a good cause.

Find out when this is, so you can get ready to win the best festive jumper prize and raise some money for Save The Children.


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