Dairy Diary Sets

2020 Diary Set including Dairy Diary, Pocket Diary and Notebook

Diary Sets for 2020

Two beautifully designed diary sets to help you plan at home and when you are out and about.
Very popular gifts!

Dairy Diary Set £10.99 | Pocket Diary Set £4.99

Pocket Diary 2020 & Notebook Set
Dairy Diary 2020, A5 week-to-view diary
2020 A5 diary with stickers

Dairy Diary Set 2020

The ideal gift for all your family and friends this Christmas. They’ll love it!


  • Dairy Diary 2020 – Britain’s favourite home diary
  • Pocket Diary with pen attached
  • Notebook with pen attached

Excellent value for money at £10.99

SAVES £2.75 off the cost of buying the Dairy Diary and Pocket Diary Set separately

Dairy Diary Set 2020: Dairy Diary. Pocket Diary & Notebook
2020 Pocket Diary & Notebook Set

Pocket Diary Set 2020

A stylish pocket diary and notebook set for quick and easy planning on the move.

An ‘oh-so-useful’ set – don’t leave home without it!


  • 2020 Pocket Diary with a week-to-view diary, useful information, ribbon marker and pen attached
  • Notebook with subtly lined pages, concealed lie-flat binding, elastic closure, pocket and pen attached

Super value at just £4.99


Sizes: Dairy Diary 2020 215x160mm (8½ x 6¼”), Pocket Diary 2020 145mm x 85mm (5¾ x 3¼”), Notebook 150mm x 100mm (6 x 4”).

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Dairy Diary Set bundle

Dairy Diary Set
saves £2.75*

Our most popular deal

  • Dairy Diary 2020
  • Pocket Diary Set

Excellent value for money at just £10.99

*SAVES £2.75 off the cost of buying the Dairy Diary and Pocket Diary Set separately

Dairy Diary & Cookbook bundle

An unmissable deal

  • Dairy Diary 2020
  • Quick After-Work Cookbook

Excellent value for money at just £14.74

*SAVES £3.00 off the cost of buying the Dairy Diary and Quick After-Work cookbook separately

Dairy Diary Set & Cookbook bundle

The ultimate deal

  • Dairy Diary Set 2020
  • Quick After-Work Cookbook

Excellent value for money at just £16.98

*SAVES £5.75 off the cost of buying the Dairy Diary, Pocket Diary Set and Quick After-Work cookbook separately

‘Beautiful gifts that everyone will love.’

  1. Avatar

    I have bought two this as I have for more years than I carve to remember, these sets are always great value, and the information the diary gives you is wonderful

  2. Avatar
    • Verity Harvey
    • 24/11/2018

    Ihave been using my Dairy Diary for about 5 years and I would not be without it

  3. Avatar
    • Patricia McMahon
    • 25/11/2018

    These sets are so pretty and would make the perfect gift set.

  4. Avatar
    • Victoria Lancaster
    • 06/10/2019

    I wish you did wall calendar

  5. Avatar
    • Pam Welch
    • 13/10/2019

    I have been having dairy diary for years and when my daughter get married Santa has to deliver a dairy diary every year to their house. Neither of us could live without it

  6. Avatar

    I have used the Dairy Diary since 1970, I still have them all and intend to keep on with it for as long as I can write!

  7. Avatar
    • Sheila Lang
    • 13/10/2019

    The first dairy diary I bought was the 1991 edition and I’ve been buying it ever since. I love everything about it and I’ve kept them all!!

  8. Avatar
    • Daphne Anderson
    • 13/10/2019

    I have bought the Dairy Diary every year since 1990. I love it, and it is the highlight of October, looking forward to reading all the recipes etc. in the new one. Never fails to impress me with the beautifully illustrated cover each year.

  9. Avatar
    • Kay Goodchild
    • 13/10/2019

    My mother-in-law used to by her daughters and daughter-in-laws the Dairy Diary every year and now I buy it for my daughter and 3 daughters-in-law. It has become a real Christmas tradition.

  10. Avatar
    • Hilary Crump
    • 15/10/2019

    I have a shelf full of previous copies, have been enjoying the Dairy diary for as long as I can remember and frequently dip into them for recipes and information. I just have to have one each and every year and don’t know what I would do without it.

  11. Avatar
    • Mary Jones
    • 16/11/2019

    I purchased my first Dairy Diary in 1997 from my Milkman, sadly we no longer have a milk delivery ! Of course I have continued ever since, couldn’t cope without it, but now running out of shelf space, as I still refer to all the previous copies from time to time. Many copies have been bought for family and friends who all love it. So much useful and interesting information, thank you.

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