Dairy Diary Sets


Take the stress out of planning in
2021 with these practical and very
popular diary sets.

Diary Sets for 2021

Two beautifully designed diary sets to help you plan at home and when you are out and about.
Very popular gifts!

Dairy Diary Set £10.99 | Pocket Diary & Meal Planner Set £4.99

Writing in the Dairy Diary 2021 Pocket Diary
Dairy Diary Set 2021
Dairy Diary Meal Planner Pad with shopping list

Pocket Diary &
Meal Planner Set

The perfect way to keep track of events and meal plan for the week ahead.

Pocket Diary
with week-to-view diary, useful information, ribbon marker and pen attached.

Meal Planner Pad
with one sheet per week: daily lunch and evening meal columns plus a perforated weekly shopping list.


Dairy Diary Pcket Diary & Meal Planner Set
Dairy Diary Set

Dairy Diary Set

Excellent value for money and a lovely Christmas gift.

Dairy Diary 2021
Pocket Diary with pen
Meal Planner Pad

£10.99 Save £2.85!

* Saves £2.85 off the cost of buying the Dairy Diary & Pocket Diary Set separately.


Sizes: Dairy Diary 165 x 218mm (6½ x 8½”), Pocket Diary 89 x 145mm (3½ x 5¾”), Meal Planner 240 x 185mm (9½ x 7¼”).

“These sets are so pretty and would make the perfect gift set.”


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  1. Avatar

    I have been collecting dairy diarys for years and have a complete set. I love the recipes.

  2. Avatar

    JOLLY GOOD way of organising ourselves.
    Great dishes , plus LOADS OF information gone with to Portugal and back …

  3. Avatar
    • Rosemary Allan
    • 06/12/2020

    I have been getting this Dairy Diary for many years now, it sits in the Kitchen and all appointments are in it, I couldn’t manage without it. The recipes are good and all the other information. One of the granddaughters loves it too. Very pleased with the meal planner too this year.

  4. Avatar
    • Christine Wright
    • 26/11/2020

    I have every diary from 1984 to the present, a wonderful way to check what you were doing years ago! Of course the wonderful recipes are a bonus!

  5. Avatar
    • Ruth Allen
    • 01/11/2020

    I couldn’t count the years it has been used in our household as an aide memoire. It is so full some days that I need more space!

  6. Avatar

    Been getting this for years no other diary will do! Love the planner !

  7. Avatar

    Will be ordering the gift sets but am not sure that the meal planner will be used by anyone – I preferred the notebook which is used often and handy to carry in my bag.

    1. Avatar
      • Annie
      • 03/10/2020

      I agree. Unfortunately, as my milkman abandoned me last January, I won’t be buying this year.

      1. Dairy Diary team
        • Dairy Diary team
        • 03/10/2020

        You can easily purchase the Dairy Diary, Sets and Cookbooks online at http://www.dairydiary.co.uk or by phone 0845 0948 128.

    2. Avatar
      • Gillian Jenkinson
      • 16/10/2020

      I love the note book, can it be bought separately? Very handy when out shopping 🛍 making notes for presents and which shops stock the products.

    3. Emily Davenport
      • Emily Davenport
      • 22/10/2020

      Hi Gillian, we have had a few similar comments regarding the notebook. We’ll make sure it’s back next year!

  8. Avatar
    • Rosemary McBarron
    • 19/09/2020

    I found last years notebook really useful as well as the pocket diary. The two complement each other. Was hoping it would be available this Christmas. Perhaps next time

    1. Emily Davenport
      • Emily Davenport
      • 22/10/2020

      Hi Rosemary, we have had a few similar comments regarding the notebook. We’ll make sure it’s back next year!

  9. Avatar

    I love this diary which sits in my kitchen- filled in every day.
    My sister first bought the set for me many years ago and I cannot do without it.
    This next order I will be ordering one for my friend in France too.

  10. Avatar
    • Sallyanne
    • 14/08/2020

    Could not cope without it

  11. Avatar
    • Catherine LENNOX
    • 08/08/2020

    Been getting it for years. Wouldn’t be without it.

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