Checklist: Everything you need to reduce your food waste!

How to reduce food waste

Planning ahead makes a huge difference in how much food you waste.

It can also relieve that supermarket-aisle-stress where you don’t know what you fancy so just throw into the trolley several different ingredients that don’t really go together, we’ve all been there don’t worry!

This relatively short checklist of things is all you need to reduce your food waste; planning is super easy when you have the right tools!


More Taste and Less Waste Cookbook

Start with your More Taste & Less Waste Cookbook, it has chapters that allow you to take one main ingredient and make two or three different meals with it.

In addition to the stunning, tasty recipes it has lots of tips and tricks, so you have expert knowledge at your fingertips!

Meal Planner Pad

For the week ahead, pick out 5 recipes you’d like to give a try, grab your favourite pen and fill in your practical Meal Planner Pad.

Write down all the ingredients required on your handy tear-off shopping list – but don’t forget to check in your cupboards and fridge/freezer in case you already have some of what you need.

More Taste & Less Waste Cookbook

More Taste & Less Waste

The More Taste & Less Waste Cookbook is full of helpful tips and delicious recipes to help to minimise waste even further.

Makes a lovely gift!


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