Happy Holiday Checklist

Happy Holiday Checklist

Packing for a holiday? You need a Holiday Checklist!

Whether you are are jetting off to an exotic destination or planning to enjoy a glorious ‘staycation’ you need help with the packing; in fact what you need is the Dairy Diary Holiday Checklist.

Our holiday checklist is perfect for those of us who always forget something when we go away!

Travel checklist

Dairy Diary Holiday Checklist


Ο After sun lotion

Ο Alarm clock

Ο Book/magazine

Ο Camera, charger/battery

Ο Clothes

Ο Cosmetics

Ο Credit card

Ο Driver’s license 

Ο Ear plugs

Ο European Health Insurance Card

Ο First aid kit

Ο Glasses

Ο Hairdryer

Ο Insect repellent

Ο Insurance details

Ο International driving permit

Ο Maps

Ο Medication

Ο Money belt

Ο Mp3 player

Ο Mobile phone, charger

Ο Money

Ο Notepad and pen

Ο Passport, visa

Ο Plug adaptor

Ο Shoes

Ο Sting relief

Ο Sunglasses

Ο Sunhat

Ο Sun protection cream

Ο Swimming costume

Ο Tickets / booking reference details

Ο Toiletries

Ο Torch

Ο Towels

Ο Travel iron

Ο Travel kettle, tea, coffee, sugar

Ο Travel wash

Ο Tweezers

Ο Washing-up liquid, cloth and tea towel


Ο Armbands/rubber ring

Ο Books, crayons, beach toys & games

Ο Bottles

Ο Clothes

Ο Cutlery

Ο Disposable bibs

Ο European Health Insurance  Card

Ο Thermometer

Ο Insect repellent

Ο Medication

Ο Nappies, nappy sacks, swim nappies,

Ο Passport

Ο Pushchair

Ο Shoes

Ο Sunglasses

Ο Sunhat

Ο Sun protection cream

Ο Sterilising tablets

Ο Swimming costume

Ο Travel toilet seat

Ο UV suit

Ο Wet wipes


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