Make your own bag for odd-shaped gifts!

Make your own bag for odd shaped gifts!

We show you how to wrap those odd-shaped items with a little gift wrap folding magic

Simply follow the instructions below

You can also download the instructions as an Infographic:
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Make you own bag for odd-shaped gifts

Fold and crease a strip of wrapping paper so the ends over-lap

Open it up and fold over 1 inch to hide rough edges

Fold in the sides and secure with tape

Once secure, fold over a section the same width as the gift

Fold down the ridges and crease

Fold, overlap the long edges

Secure the fold with tape

Open out the bag

Pop your gift into the bag

Fold over the top and secure with tape

Cut a strip of paper

Fold in half

Draw out this shape and cut out

Discard the excess paper

Fold and crease here

Fold into the centre, like so

Secure with tape

Cut out a small strip of paper

Wrap around bow and secure

Make your own bag for odd shaped gifts!

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