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Sparkly Sloe Gin Jellies

Sparkly Sloe Gin Jellies

A wonderfully sinful Sparkly Sloe Gin Jellies recipe from the Dairy Diary. Try it today!

Sparkly Sloe Gin Jellies


Granulated sugar 50g (2oz)

Orange rind 2 broad strips

Gelatine 5 leaves

Sloe gin 175ml (6fl oz)

Sparkling white wine/Prosecco/Cava 350-375ml (12fl oz)

Blueberries and icing sugar to decorate (optional)



Warm sugar in a pan with orange rind and 150ml (¼ pint) water. Stir until sugar dissolves. Bring to the boil. Take off heat and leave for 30 minutes to infuse.


Soften gelatine in a bowl of cold water for 5 minutes.


Warm orange syrup and remove orange rind. Squeeze water out of gelatine, add it to syrup and stir well until dissolved. Pour into a large jug, stir in sloe gin and leave until starting to set.


Gradually stir in wine and stir every so often until most of the froth has subsided and jelly is setting again. Pour into shot glasses (or cocktail glasses). Chill for 4 hours or overnight until set. Decorate with fresh blueberries and a dusting of icing sugar if you like.

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