Win a Year’s Subscription to the BoroughBox Discovery Club

Win a BoroughBox Discovery Club subscription

Dairy Diary is giving you the chance to win a year’s subscription to the Boroughbox Discovery Club

This competition is now closed.

  1. Still have some Dairy Diaries from many years ago. A big fan! Many thanks for your great competitions. And good luck everyone!

    • Barbara Rees
    • 19/11/2019

    I have not had a dairy diary for many years, but I do still have an old recipe book that has served me very well for many a year and the scone recipe has been used so regularily that I know it off by heart. Would love to receive more info of this kind.

    • Jacqui robinson
    • 18/11/2019

    I buy the dairy diary every year for my sister and I. Wonderful. So many things of interest. We loved the knitted rabbit

    • Sarah N
    • 17/11/2019

    My mother always bought me a Dairy Diary and now I carry on the tradition with my own daughter. We don’t know what we’d do without them. I hope she carries on the tradition with her own daughter. There’s nothing as good as a paper diary!

    • Ed Cooper
    • 17/11/2019

    Carried on buying for myself and sisters when mum passed away, 22 yrs ago! Always on worktop open at date, wld b lost without it

  2. What a lovely prize.

    • Barry
    • 16/11/2019

    I buy it for my wife who loves it.

  3. Fantastic prize, just perfect

    • Diana
    • 16/11/2019

    Wonderful idea


    • KATHY D
    • 16/11/2019

    Interesting prize. Coffee Spread – must try that

    • Diane
    • 16/11/2019

    What a treat! Just what I need to cheer me up as Winter strikes us all!

  4. I do love a subscription
    it takes the stress away
    i like to learn and occasionally make –
    something new each day!

    • Joan Richmond
    • 23/09/2019

    I love all the information and recipes in the dairy diary , I have tried so many of the recipes and they always turn out well!

    • Annie
    • 23/09/2019

    Love the Dairy Diary best diary EVER!

  5. great prize 12 months free!!!!

    1. Yes Please

    • Audrie Naylor
    • 23/07/2019

    I have had dairy diarys for many a year, and sometimes other bits and bobs to go with it., I had the first one,and I remember I was so pleased with it, and I started doing all the recipes starting at page 1, gosh that was along time ago, but you know, as yet I have never tired of the dairy diary, and I don’t think I will.
    The prizes are really special I like them both, the necklace is stunning,and the basket, well I have never won a hamper.

    • Kerry Hezzell
    • 25/06/2019

    fabulous prize

    • Ryan
    • 12/02/2019

    Great competion

    • Carol
    • 12/02/2019

    I’m always looking for new ideas and this book has lots of them. Fabulous.

    • Julie Roberts
    • 11/02/2019

    How lovely to receive a regular surprise box

    • Margaret
    • 28/12/2018

    A really lovely prize!My porch is open if I am not in !

    • Glenys McGrath
    • 19/11/2018

    Very useful.

  6. Always a fantastic addition to any family home!

  7. This prize would be a great incentive to try new recipes

      • Anthea Midgley
      • 14/07/2019

      Beautiful prize something to treasure

    • Sue Walters
    • 22/09/2018

    Excellent prize.

      • Glenys Dudley
      • 16/11/2019


  8. Absolutely fabulous competition!

    • Hannah Erskine
    • 01/09/2018

    Fantastic prize

      • Kizzie farrell
      • 18/11/2019

      Brilliant prize

  9. Great prize

    • 16/08/2018

    Great prize

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