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Just For One or Two Cookbook

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I look after communications and marketing at Dairy Diary. I’m a busy mum and love home baking and cooking for my family. In my spare time I enjoy visiting the theatre, eating out with friends and exploring the great outdoors!
    • Irene Campbell
    • 17/02/2021

    I don’t think you eat very well when your on your own, perhaps it’s lack of inspiration.

    • Peter
    • 15/02/2021

    Great idea for us two housebound OAPs

    1. Great idea

        • Laura Chard
        • 26/02/2021

        Fab idea as im stuck for ideas when on my own.

    • Barbara Smith
    • 15/02/2021

    Would love this cookery book

    • Linda Marlow
    • 14/02/2021

    This will be a big success

    • Marilyn Allen
    • 14/02/2021

    I will buy this as I live on my own and find you do lack inspiration when only yourself to cook for.

    • Lynne Holland
    • 14/02/2021

    Love to try new recipes out on my husband as they say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach , and my hubby loves his food

    • 14/02/2021

    ideal for singles or just couples

    • Angela A
    • 14/02/2021

    I am crossing everything to win! Happy Valentine Day.

    • Stephen Thomas
    • 14/02/2021

    Great idea smaller recipes save waste and money.

  1. Lovely book

    • Eleanor caldwell
    • 13/02/2021

    Would love a copy of this book I love Dairy Dairy…….I have all your Dairy Cookbooks each time published👍

    • Cath
    • 13/02/2021

    A lovely book to have, very lucky to win

    • Cath
    • 13/02/2021

    Sounds wonderful.. a perfect win for anyone.Cath

    • Diana
    • 13/02/2021

    Lovely recipes, something to tempt everyone!

    • Kathryn Smith
    • 13/02/2021

    A great themed cookery book , must look to buy a few for young family couples as gifts too !

    • Sallyanne
    • 13/02/2021

    Ideal for working couples or students

    • Sallyanne
    • 13/02/2021

    Ideal for couples or small families working odd hours or students

    • Jean
    • 13/02/2021

    It’s such a brilliant idea I find it so difficult to find recipes for 1

    • Jean Lovegrove
    • 13/02/2021

    I really enjoy all your recipes, they are uncomplicated, easy to follows and delicious.

    • Gloria Fleming
    • 13/02/2021

    A really good idea for people living alone

    • Joyce
    • 13/02/2021

    Great that this is only for one or two people as not everyone has large family’s

    • Margaret Rudge
    • 13/02/2021

    Great ideas, and dairy diary is really helpful, Been having them for years, also buy them to give as Christmas presents.

    • Audrey Cooper
    • 13/02/2021

    Sounds a very good idea.

    • Christine
    • 13/02/2021

    Nice idea especially for people on their own like me

    • Theresa Scully
    • 13/02/2021

    can’t have too many ideas! keep them coming!

    • Barbara Bell
    • 13/02/2021

    Love this idea – and love all the cookbooks – fabulous! My mum always had these cookbooks so I know how trusted they are !

    • 13/02/2021

    All recipes fire imagination and are also great

    • Sheila Wiles
    • 13/02/2021

    Love the idea of this book.

    • Marie sidney
    • 13/02/2021

    Meal for two…❤

  2. I agree, a truly excellent idea. Since my husband died I haven’t really wanted to cook, often considering that it wasn’t really worth it just for me, but simply looking at the cover of this book has somehow lit the remaining spark and made me interested.

  3. I’ve been looking for a recipe book like this for a long time, I have to continually put extra portions in the freezer as most recipes are for 4 or more, Well Done Dairy Diary

      • Ann keggen
      • 16/02/2021

      I buy this Diary every year
      Have done for a very long time

  4. Just what I need

  5. Great meals for home.
    We still cannot eat out

    • Christine Turner
    • 13/02/2021

    My husband and I are long time pensioners so a recipe book for one or two would give suggestions for different dishes from those we normally have.

    • Jean dove
    • 13/02/2021

    Would love recipes for one or two most are for families

    • E. Jowett
    • 13/02/2021

    Excellent idea ,I live with my daughter now ,due to circumstance and all cookery books are for families thank you

    • Pat Clements
    • 13/02/2021

    Very difficult to find books and recipes for 2 people Well done dairydiary

  6. Would be lovely to receive
    this lovely book with lovely ideas

    • Crispin Hughes
    • 13/02/2021

    Living on my own, this would be very useful.

    • Daphne Anderson
    • 13/02/2021

    Just what you need as your family leaves home and it’s back to just the two of you again.

  7. Awesome idea

    • JW Roche
    • 13/02/2021

    Seems ideal.

    • Carol Barron
    • 13/02/2021

    I love all the recipes in the diary dairy,s so i am sure the just for one or two recipe book would be better than ever.

    • Linda
    • 13/02/2021

    I am excited to be in with a chance to win this lovely looking book! Just what I need to cook for 1 or 2 people.

    • Marion Baines
    • 13/02/2021

    The recipes in the diary
    Are absolutely great so I am looking forward to seeing the ones in the cook book

    • Margaret Harries
    • 13/02/2021

    I love looking at new recipes to make exciting recipes.

    • Helen Davidson
    • 12/02/2021

    An excellent idea. Just what is needed for couples or individuals

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