Win a ‘Tour of Discovery’ tea set from Whittards

Win a ‘Tour of Discovery’ tea set from Whittards

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I look after communications and marketing at Dairy Diary. I’m a busy mum and love home baking and cooking for my family. In my spare time I enjoy visiting the theatre, eating out with friends and exploring the great outdoors!
    • Pat Healy
    • 25/05/2021


    • sheena
    • 12/05/2021

    Maryland hazelnut cookies.

    • Brian
    • 12/05/2021


    • Gwen Biviano
    • 12/05/2021

    Homemade Shortbread

    • Felicity Williams
    • 11/05/2021

    Ginger biscuits x

    • Jade Beresford
    • 08/05/2021


  1. What a lovely competition, which gave me the chance to test and taste several biscuits with my tea over a short period. Whittard came out on to

    • Robert Williams
    • 26/04/2021

    Those crisp pink wafers dipped for just a second then melt in the mouth!

      • Lee Wells
      • 04/05/2021

      Chocolate hob nobs dipped in my whittards tea, mmm mouth-wateringly delicious 😋

  2. Rich tea every time for me

  3. I’m just dotty about tea
    With a plain arrowroot
    And fragrant teabags as loot

      • Cat McKell
      • 22/04/2021

      Chocolate hobnob

  4. An arrowroot biscuit is a complement to all varieties of tea: Earl Grey, English breakfast, Peppermint, Assam tea and this wonderful teapot is a welcoming house to a variety of tea, with a spout to bring the aroma to life and a cup with a world to taste!

    • Evelyne
    • 20/04/2021

    A dark chocolate digestive

  5. Digestive is great with a cuppa

    1. Ginger nut

    • AJS40
    • 19/04/2021

    Hobnobs in dark chocolate for me.

      • Noreen
      • 27/04/2021

      Chocolate biscuits

      1. Love tea.. Would love to win this

  6. Love a home made garibaldi, adds a bit of fruitiness to a lovely cuppa

  7. Love homemade garibaldi. Adds a bit of fruit to a lovely cuppa.

  8. I love a chocolate digestive

    1. Ooh jaffa cake 100% wi th h a cuppa lovely

    • Stephen Thomas
    • 19/04/2021

    Fig rolls because they are both flavouresome and laxative!

    • Diana Scott
    • 19/04/2021

    Snickerdoodles- so buttery and crunchy- delicious!

    • Diana Scott
    • 19/04/2021

    Snickerdoodles- so buttery and crunchy – yummy 😋

    1. Plain biscuit [rich tea] to enhance the flavours of the tea

  9. Foxes Double Chocolate Viennese Fingers..

  10. love a jammy dodger with my cuppa, yummy

      • Marylyn Bailey
      • 21/04/2021

      Home made shortbread

    • Joanelle
    • 18/04/2021

    To be specific ; I adore the chocolate and orange shortbread biscuits and to win the tea for one pot and cup prize would be terrific!

  11. I Love Chocolate Hobnobs With My Cuppa Tea 🍵 😋

    • Patricia Ervin
    • 18/04/2021

    I have always loved a Digestive with Tea

    • Linda Morgan
    • 18/04/2021

    Pretty,very useful gift

    • Linda Ives
    • 18/04/2021


  12. Only a digestive will do.

    • Georgina Kemp
    • 18/04/2021

    Digestives, not too sweet, just right!

    • Sadz Flather
    • 18/04/2021

    Gingers bourbons custard creams shortbread chocolate ones any others

  13. one of my home baked all butter Shortbread

    • Sarah Ayling
    • 18/04/2021

    ginger nuts

    • Sarah Ayling
    • 18/04/2021

    custard creams

    • Sarahyes Ayling
    • 18/04/2021

    Custard creams are fabulous

  14. Custard Creams must be one of the best with a cuppa!

    • Pete Hudson
    • 18/04/2021

    Plain digestive, every time!

    The ultimate dunking bikkie!

    • Lisa Wilkinson
    • 13/04/2021

    Bourbons are my favourite

  15. I love shortbread biscuits with my cuppa!! and this would be a great birthday present

  16. A chocolate bourbon

      • Karl Wheeler
      • 18/04/2021

      Ringtons ginger biscuits when soft

    • Tunde Toth
    • 12/04/2021

    Hobnobs get my vote. It’s the thickest biscuit.

    • Kathy Atkinson
    • 11/04/2021

    Love a jaffa cake

    • Sophie Hughes
    • 10/04/2021

    Chocolate digestives.

    • Ruth
    • 10/04/2021

    A rich tea biscuit is perfect
    I would love to win this prize

    • Joseph Westhead
    • 09/04/2021

    A hobknob is the perfect choice!

      • Pat Green
      • 18/04/2021

      To have a nice cup of tea in the mid morning with a Jammy Dodger

  17. Love this set. Hope I win!

  18. I love a rich tea with a cuppa.

  19. Digestive

  20. for mr its ginger nuts… awesome for dunking

    • Nigel Hollingsworth
    • 09/04/2021


  21. a rich tea biscuit. Its made me think to get some.

    • Graham Gillett
    • 08/04/2021


  22. Chocolate digestives

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