Win a Luxury One Night Stay

WIN a Luxury One Night Stay

Competition now closed.


Head of Dairy Diary; I'm passionate about producing high quality products that our customers will cherish. I'm also a mum of three and I enjoy cooking, walking, gardening and art with my family, as well as lino printing (if I find time!)
    • Hazel Scott
    • 28/08/2021

    What a fantastic treat for a well deserving couple!

    • Tessa
    • 26/07/2021

    What an exciting opportunity – would love to take my husband away for a relaxing break from work. It would be fabulous to win – and put the red letter day in my Dairy Diary!

    • Maureen Walker
    • 25/07/2021

    So long since I’ve seen the sea ! Love a bit of heritage and history too. City by the sea…..ticks all my boxes.

    • Annmarie
    • 24/07/2021

    Looks lovely 🥰 would love to win and treat my awesome husband 😘

    • Jade
    • 24/07/2021

    Love a break with my Mum

    • Stella noble
    • 24/07/2021

    I am a nurse in need of a bl—dy good rest!

      • Emma
      • 02/08/2021

      Wow, this place looks stunning. Would be a perfect getaway to celebrate wedding anniversary x

  1. Would love to enjoy a spa break with our daughter

    • Jane Clarke
    • 24/07/2021

    What a wonderful prize to win
    Good luck to everyone

    • Pete
    • 24/07/2021

    what a great giveaway, cheers

    • Sarah
    • 24/07/2021

    Lovely prize, would be a real treat.

  2. I would like for me and my wife of 64 yes 64 years, to be spoiled rotten. What a fabulous prize.

    • 24/07/2021

    please add me! This would be fantastic!

    • Elizabeth Hinds
    • 18/07/2021

    Fabulous prize!

    1. It’s just what we all need after such a difficult year

    2. My granddaughter is so in need of a break. She had twins
      last year at beginning of pandemic. They are now 18 months
      old and quite a handful. She and her husband would benefit
      from this so much.

    • kirstine welch
    • 18/07/2021

    This would be an amazing treat. Good luck all.

    1. Wow!! This would be a much needed treat! Good luck everyone!

        • Veronica
        • 24/07/2021

        Lovely prize would love to win and take my daughter

    • Graham Waller
    • 14/07/2021

    It would be really good to win this great prize

    1. Great prize

      • Carol
      • 25/07/2021

      Hi, I would love too take my husband for a special treat.. he does so much for our family.. I love him dearly. It’s our 24th wedding anniversary this month. I don’t work because of health issues.. so can’t afford too treat him, as I would like. Please pick me x

    • Catherine Cameron
    • 12/07/2021

    I would love a spa break as my daughter has just her first baby in Australia and I am unable, due to Covid restrictions, to visit her. To win a prize like this would cheer me up!

    • Deborah
    • 10/07/2021

    Would love to gift this to my beautiful kind sister in law, she does so much for everyone and she deserves to be pampered

  3. This would be a real adventure for my Daughter & I so we will keep checking to see if we are lucky.
    Thank you

    • Patricia Jeffree
    • 10/07/2021

    after being in lockdown for so long this would be a great moral booster for me.

  4. We had our silver wedding in April but because of lockdown were unable to celebrate properly. This would be a fantastic little break for us.

    • Sue Burrows
    • 10/07/2021

    l would choose a spa break and take my sister in law, or one of my amazing friends. They have, and continue to support me through my illness. Fabulous prize and l would love for someone to enjoy a surprise treat. Thank you!

    • Sue Burrows
    • 10/07/2021

    I would love to share a spa break and would take my sister in law, or one of my amazing friends. They have, and continue to support me through my I’ll health. I would love one of them to have a surprise treat. Amazing prize, thank you!

    • Stella
    • 10/07/2021

    Stressed out, absolutely kn—ered Nhs worker in need of a break

      • Rebecca MacBain
      • 31/07/2021

      Fingers crossed everyone 🙏

    • Christine Turner
    • 10/07/2021

    What a wonderful experience. A time of luxury to remember.

      • Jennie
      • 24/07/2021

      What luxury

    • 10/07/2021

    Please count me in!

    • Anne Broadrick
    • 10/07/2021

    Lovely prize. I would take my husband. He deserves a message.

    • Anne Broadrick
    • 10/07/2021

    Lovely prize. I would take my husband . He deserves a break.

    • Anne
    • 10/07/2021

    A lovely prize would take my husband. He deserves a break

  5. Question:
    Do I need this ?
    Yes,yes,yes, yes,yes,yes and of course yes !!!!!

      • Alyson Davies
      • 10/07/2021

      My husband and I will have been married for 34 years in August , I would love to win this to say to him how much I have appreciated all our years together ,
      And have some time just for the two of us.

      • john gegg young
      • 10/07/2021

      i would like to take my wife maybe last time

      • Gemma Whitehurst
      • 15/07/2021

      I would love this and would take my daughter as she had a baby a few months ago so she needs to be pampered for a day or two

  6. This would be so amazing, I would so take my hubster – good luck everyone. xx

      • Lisa Troccoli
      • 10/07/2021

      Sounds amazing me and my partner have had such a stressful 12 months fingers crossed 🤞🏻

      • Sharon E Pratt
      • 11/07/2021

      Waiting in anticipation for the results!!! Would be A FABULOUS GIFT to receive a spa day!!! Thank YOU for giving us the opportunity to enter!!! We feel quite priviledged & excited all at the same time!!! Thanks again!!! 😊

      • Denise
      • 14/07/2021

      Everyone needs a nice break especially now so good luck to all those who have entered 😀

  7. amazing prize

    • mark edwards
    • 04/07/2021

    lovely to win this

    • Janice Norris
    • 04/07/2021

    Oh how nice 😁

      • Gemma Whitehurst
      • 15/07/2021

      I would take my daughter whohas not long became a mummy

    • Charmian Simmons
    • 04/07/2021

    Would love this for myself and my boyfriend, what a massive treat!!

      • Joy Wilson
      • 10/07/2021

      I really want this

      • Theresa Waters
      • 10/07/2021

      Wow, what a treat!

      • Tracey
      • 13/07/2021

      After recently retiring from the NHS after 35 years I could do with it 😂

      • Gina Robinson
      • 15/07/2021

      Would be just perfect 🥰 how beautiful

    • Laura Moakes
    • 04/07/2021

    Wow!! Fingers crossed!

    • Susan Boland
    • 04/07/2021

    This looks idyllic, would love to win this prize xx

    • Sarah Brown
    • 04/07/2021

    I would select a rural trip as I live in the city x

    • janine kenny
    • 04/07/2021

    lovely prize

      • Jenny Cook
      • 10/07/2021

      Sounds perfect for my husband and I as we never treat ourselves and some time together without children would be amazing ❤

      • Sue Smith
      • 11/07/2021

      This would be so exciting to win and to treat my daughter and son in law as they have a 21 month old who has not slept through a single night and they need a break x

    • Caroline Doyle
    • 04/07/2021

    Would love to win this to celebrate my husband’s 50th birthday

  8. Fantastic prize!

    • Mrs Kirk
    • 04/07/2021

    Would be a great way to celebrate our Silver Wedding in August! 🤞

  9. Thank you so much would be a 5-star *****
    break for hubby & I.

  10. Who wouldn’t want to be spoilt for a night!

    • janash
    • 04/07/2021

    I would love a rural retreat

      • Tracey Turner
      • 04/07/2021

      Peace and tranquility.

    • Noman Rafique
    • 04/07/2021

    Entered into the competition. Fingers crossed 🤞

    • Sue Buckman
    • 04/07/2021

    Great prize

    • LR66
    • 04/07/2021

    I would love to win this

  11. Fantastic prize, Love to treat my daughter

    • Aly Keeling
    • 04/07/2021

    This would be a wonderful surprise for my hubby as he has been suffering for the last five years with his lymphoedema and his arm has swelled to twice the size.

    • Gill Barry
    • 04/07/2021

    Would be an amazing treat and pick me up. Would love a night away with my husband to celebrate our 39th wedding anniversary.

  12. What a great prize. Fingers crossed!

    • lyn69
    • 04/07/2021

    What a wonderful opportunity

    • Rachael eden
    • 04/07/2021

    Would love to win x

    • Annie Harley
    • 04/07/2021

    A city break would be lovely thankyou so much

    • cathy
    • 04/07/2021

    Seaside or woodland

    • Priscilla Stubbs
    • 04/07/2021

    This would be a great treat

    • Kirsty Seal
    • 04/07/2021

    I would love to win for my my partner who has been my rock while i have helped my dad recover from a significant stroke.

    • Jane Greenow
    • 04/07/2021

    Fab competition

    • Claire Farley
    • 04/07/2021

    Thanks for the chance

    • Lisa Ohara
    • 04/07/2021

    Fantastic prize

  13. good prize

  14. looks amazing

    • Laura Marshall
    • 04/07/2021

    Ooh yes lovely!

    • Dale Sheppard
    • 04/07/2021

    Staying somewhere new with good food & a bath

      • Paul Murray
      • 24/07/2021

      UK rules

  15. I would treat my wonderful partner who works so hard for the NHS as a Clinical Coder to a spa break.

  16. I would definitely choose to explore a new city.

    • lynthepin
    • 04/07/2021

    Looks stunning!

    • lynthepin
    • 04/07/2021

    It would be perfect for a long awaited mother daughter catch up!

    • lizwa
    • 04/07/2021

    Amazing prize

  17. Something else
    Fantastic prize I would love to share this with Tracey Mills and Arron Milliken

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