Dairy Diary anniversary!

Dairy Diary 40th anniversary

What was happening in history 40 years ago…

Lots of things happened in history 40 years ago… not least the launch of the fabulous Dairy Diary!

The Dairy Diary was delivered by milkmen and women across
the country and in its first year sold over 1½ million copies.

We’ve rounded up a few events that took place in 1982 that might bring back memories for some of you. Are there any, in particular, you can remember vividly?

  • Retail store Next opened its doors for the first time in February.
  • The Falklands War begins 2 April, ending on 14 June 1982.
  • Prince William was born on 21 June. He will also be celebrating his 40th Birthday! We wonder if he would like a Dairy Diary as a special gift from us? We’re sure it is top of his list…
  • We’re betting you’ve had a boogie to Dexys Midnight Runners ‘Come on Eileen’? The hit was first released in the June of 1982.
  • The nation was also treated to a 4th channel on television, with Countdown being one of the first to air on Channel Four.


Dairy Diary 2022

Of course, as usual, lots more special 2022 anniversaries are covered in the Dairy Diary, some dating back 500 years.

With lots of interesting information and facts on subjects such as Branston Pickle, Dracula and moon landings, you can learn something new and entertain your friends!



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