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Dairy Diary useful reminders and planners

Dairy Diary is full of useful reminders

Of course, we begin with the notes pocket in which we can secrete all those need-to-know bits and bobs. There’s also the sticker sheet, which reminds of birthdays, anniversaries, appointments and renewals.

Year planners are handy for at-a-glance appointments and the Useful Reminders page provides a list for various numbers and renewal dates.

Family & Friends pages are really handy for reminders of addresses and telephone numbers, as well as emails. Then, we also have the Budgeting pages, which help us to keep track of income and expenditure.

Dairy Diary 2021 – A5 week-to-view diaryOn the diary pages, there are notes of phases of the moon, holidays and celebrations as well as a reminder to buy your next diary. Which reminds me, have you bought yours yet?

The 2021 edition is on sale now for just £8.85!

Why not order for family and friends this Christmas and enjoy FREE DELIVERY on orders over £20.




Dairy Diary planners and reminders



Looking at this week’s Dairy Diary I see that it features one of my favourite savoury tarts.

Try it and let me know your thoughts.


Fennel & Spanish Persimon Filo Star Tart

Fennel & Spanish Persimon Filo Star Tart

A delicious tart that tastes every bit as good as it looks.


Apple & Pear Quinoa Porridge






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