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geo-caching treasure hunt fun

I love a treasure hunt!

As a child, my friend and I would spend hours planning treasure hunts around the house and garden with hand-drawn maps and chocolate treasure!

I now make them for my children every so often – usually to encourage them to walk a bit further without moaning. They do, however, take quite a bit of planning so I was pleased when I discovered geocaching – it’s like a big, free treasure hunt right on your doorstep (or wherever you happen to be in the world).

If you’ve not tried geocaching here is some info about what it is and how you can have a go!


What is geocaching?

Geocaching is a modern treasure hunt to find hidden geocaches using a GPS (Global Positioning System) which is a navigation system using satellites and a map.

Geocaches are the treasure – cleverly hidden containers (but not buried) they come in all shapes and sizes and there are millions of them hidden all over the world in both urban and rural settings.


What is the reward of finding a geocache?

Generally, the reward is the satisfaction of finding the cache itself! Some have a treasure swap where you can take something small but leave something small behind for the next person to find – think small stationary items, toys and other trinkets for example. Others just ask you to jot your name and the date in the logbook. Then you enter your find onto the website.

What equipment do you need for geocaching?

You will need a GPS activated hand-held mobile device, such as a smartphone. This will act as your navigation system. Using this you can download the free official geocaching app, and you can choose a hidden geocache to navigate to. Go to to start. You will also need a pen to write in the logbook when you find it.


Geocaching is good fun and a great way to find new destinations that you would not have otherwise discovered.

Happy Hunting!


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