Recipe of the Week: The Black Forest Gâteau

Black Forest Gåteau

The Black Forest Gâteau is one of the most famous and popular cakes in the world.

But where did the Black Forest Gâteau originate? Surely, it must have been created in the Black Forest?

Unfortunately, the history of the Black Forest Gâteau is not so simple.

To find a definitive answer we have turned to the website of the Black Forest Region Belchen. Surely they must know?


What is a Black Forest Gâteau?
A Black Forest Gâteau is a cream cake, which has spread all over Germany and has become the most popular of all cakes. Today it is acknowledged to be the classical German cake and it is known all over the world.

The History of the Black Forest Gâteau
History is not always clear-cut and straightforward and above all cannot be proved by clear evidence. This is also the case of the Black Forest Gâteau. At present there are three likely versions all of which rely on uncorroborated indications and oral tradition.

Firstly. the coating of black chocolate flakes could have given rise to the name, as they remind one of a Black Forest.

Secondly, cherry brandy might have been behind the name as this is a special product of the Black Forest.

Thirdly, there is a possible predecessor by the name of “Schwarzwaldtorte” (“Black Forest Cake”). However, it is probable that this did not originate in the Black Forest.

What is possible, though not likely, is that the name of the cake is linked to the famous Black Forest woman’s costume: the dress is as black as chocolate chips, the blouse as white as cream and the Bollenhut hat consists of a white base with red pompoms, which is a strong reminder of cherries.


The Black Forest GåteauThe last version is the most romantic, so maybe we will go with that!

No matter which version we believe one thing is undisputed, it is utterly delicious. Why not bake it this weekend?

The Black Forest Gâteau








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