National Vegetarian Week

Nasi Goreng

National Vegetarian Week and new ingredients

Look who’s supporting this year’s National Vegetarian Week: Stephen Fry, Joanna Lumley, Ella Mills and many more… enjoy veggie food this National Vegetarian Week.


New veggie food products appear all of the time and it’s not always possible or affordable to try them all.

But one ingredient I’m intrigued by is jackfruit.

I’ve seen it on the supermarket shelf and also in restaurants. It’s sold in cans and, apparently, has a texture similar to pulled pork and a savoury flavour. As I reduce the amount of meat that we eat, it’s definitely going to be on my next shopping list and if it’s delicious, in future Dairy Diary recipes too.

Another ingredient that I tried recently is tamarind paste. It’s made from a fruit from the tamarind tree and has a sort of sweet/sour taste. Though I hadn’t heard of this ingredient until quite recently it’s actually a key ingredient in Worcestershire sauce, which has been around for ages!

Tamarind paste features in the Nasi Goreng recipe in the Quick After-Work Cookbook and is stir-fried with garlic, ginger and chilli before the rice is added.

This flavoursome vegetarian recipe only takes 15 minutes to make and is a fab weekday meal when you’re pushed for time.

Try something new, and share with us new ingredients that you have used; they could appear in future Dairy Diary recipes! Don’t miss National Vegetarian Week.


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