Mental Health Monday

World Mental Health Day

Autumn Wellness Routine

Each year, Sunday 10 October is recognised as World Mental Health Day, and it has given us the inspiration to share a few of our suggestions for winding down, taking a step back from busy life and improving our mental health.


Call a loved one to chat

Talking to someone about your feelings or even just having a conversation regarding the weather can have excellent benefits to your mental health. It can change your perspective on things you might be worried about, or simply make you feel valued and confident.


Light your favourite candle, put on some music or read a book

Take time to just sit and relax – you know the best way to do this. It could be the above or it could be going for a bike ride. One of our favourites is imagining we’re somewhere else (we’ve had a lot of practice at this over the past year or so). Get comfortable, close your eyes and picture your happy place, imagine the smells and the sounds that you can remember and focus on each detail as you unwind.


Cook your favourite meal

We all have recipes that take us back to a simpler time, perhaps a childhood memory? Gather the ingredients and take a few moments to prepare all the ingredients mindfully. Clean up as you cook so there isn’t an overwhelming mess to tidy afterwards. Take a look at the recipe section for inspiration.


Dairy Diary 2022

Last, but certainly not least – spend some time with your Dairy Diary.

It is proven that those who write their plans in a diary boost their memory, mindfulness and communication skills. Read through the fantastic features and browse the delicious recipes too.


Read more about maintaining good mental health, and order free resources from




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