Too much to think about? Here’s something that may help…

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Autumn heralds cooler crisp days and falling leaves and also the busiest time for Dairy Diary

While the daylight hours become shorter our days actually become longer as there are never enough hours to fit everything in!

I recently read about busy corporate executives wearing the same outfit every day so that they have less to think about and it gave me an idea. No, I won’t wear the same outfit every day (I’m not a corporate executive!) but I could create a weekly meal plan so that I have less to think about.

Having sat down with my Dairy Diary Recipe File to write our list of favourite meals I soon discover that the weekly meal plan needs to become a three-weekly meal plan as we have far too many favourites to fit into one week!

From this though, I now have three shopping lists that I can speedily scan and add to my online shopping basket each week.

And I no longer have to think ‘what’s for dinner’? As it’s all written down.

It may seem a little repetitive, but for those times in life when you have just too much to think about it’s actually a really useful solution.



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