January – The Get Organised Month!


It’s a new month of a new year when many of us feel a renewed enthusiasm for a fresh start!

Here are some of our tips to help get organised after Christmas.


Clear away Christmas

Allow yourself time to pack things away carefully. Boxing up decorations and lights in an ordered way will save you time next Christmas – no more tangled lights and broken baubles!

Why not keep Christmas cards for making tags and cards for next year?

Find places for your Christmas gifts. Return and exchange unsuitable gifts if you can or store them to re-gift later in the year (you could put a post-it note on with the gift-givers name to avoid any embarrassment).

Clean out the fridge and decide what to do with any left-over Christmas treats. If like me you have no willpower when it comes to chocolate – consider gifting unopened boxes to remove the temptation!



Do this step by step but regularly. Take one cupboard or drawer at a time and ask yourself;

Is it rubbish? If it’s broken or ruined – throw it away.

Is it a duplicate? Keep the best one and donate the other.

Do you use it regularly? If not consider getting rid of it or storing it out of the way.

Would you buy it now? If not, consider why are you keeping it?

Do you love it? Keep it and enjoy!


Write things Down

Just trying to remember things won’t help you stay organised – you need to write things down. All the Dairy Diary products can help you here!

Dairy Diary – With its week to view diary with memorable date stickers, space for important contacts and budget plans, it will definitely help to keep you organised! Packed with information including delicious weekly recipes to inspire you.

Pocket Diary and Notebook Great to take out and about with you. Write down your to-do lists and tick off when done.

Dairy Diary Set with Free Notecards

Wall planner – Great for at-a-glance planning.

Meal Planner – Perfect if your aim is to eat more healthily or create less food waste.

Recipe File – Store and organise all your favourites in one place so you will never lose that precious fail-safe recipe!

Addresses & Reminders Book – Never forget a birthday or anniversary – you can even jot down ideas for presents.

Notecards – Ideal to keep at hand to show you are thinking of someone – AND for this month only you can receive a box of notecards FREE with every Dairy Diary Set purchased!

Note Cards Dairy Diary 2022


Don’t procrastinate

The longer you wait to do something the more difficult it will be to get done. If you can get it done right now – do it!





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