Great British Pea Week

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Great British Pea Week

It may seem strange to dedicate a whole week to peas, but why not?

Great British Pea Week

I can’t imagine sausage and mash without peas or a spring evening without pea and mint soup, or a goat’s cheese salad without a scattering of fresh podded peas. Peas are champions of the veg world!

Relatively new to our salad bowls, are pea shoots. (Unsurprisingly) from the pea plant; pea shoots have delicious leaves and tendrils and, also unsurprisingly, taste like peas. These cute little shoots make a wonderful salad and work equally well piled on top of freshly steamed or pan-fried fish.

And they are really easy to grow.

So easy, in fact, that my eight-year-old grew (and ate) on her window ledge a whole miniature garden full in just a couple of weeks.

They’re great – and really pretty – grown on the kitchen sill next to your favourite herbs; simply buy a packet of pea shoot seeds, soak in water then add to a tray of compost and watch them grow!

Try this delicious salad from this year’s Dairy Diary.


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