Exciting things to see in the sky plus delicious strawberry recipes!

5 Strawberry Recipes for Summer

A partial solar eclipse will be visible from the UK on Thursday morning

The moon will pass in front of the sun partially blocking it — depending on the observer’s location it may cover the sun’s disc by as much as 30%.

To watch the eclipse safely you will need a pair of eclipse glasses. Alternatively, you can watch it live online via the Greenwich Royal Observatory.

Also, in the next couple of weeks, we will see a gorgeous Strawberry Moon (weather permitting of course)! It is aptly named due to the start of the strawberry picking season.

Read more about this moon, and why it occurs on the When Is? section of the website, along with a few other events this June.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed for clear skies!



Regardless of the weather, we can still enjoy some scrumptious strawberry-themed recipes to use up all your hand-picked ripe & plump fruit.


5 Strawberry Recipes for Summer


5 Strawberry Recipes for Summer


Strawberry & Balsamic Sorbet

Feta & Strawberry Salad

Quick Fresh Strawberry Conserve

Courting Cake

Strawberry Rose Petal & Pistachio Pavlova






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