Dairy Diary Shopping Bag + Addresses Reminders Book Deal

Dairy Diary Shopping Bag + Addresses Reminders Book Deal £12.00

Save when you buy the Dairy Diary Shopping Bag + Addresses Reminders Book together!

Buy both for just £12 and save £1.98 whilst stocks last!

Dairy Diary Shopping Bag

Dairy Diary Shopping Bag

Limited edition tote bag. Easy to store and perfect for a supermarket shopping trip.

We just adore this lovely shopping bag It’s roomy enough for groceries or a few cheeky spur-of-the-moment purchases, but also folds flat so that it will easily fit into a handbag.

Normally £6.99

Addresses & Reminders Book

Addresses & Reminders Book

What better way to keep track of birthdays, anniversaries and addresses? Plenty of space for addresses, plus dates to remember, and useful pages for Christmas card lists and gift records.

This Addresses & Reminders Book is as pretty as a picture.

Normally £6.99

    • Teresa Bye
    • 07/04/2021

    I love the dairy diary and buy a couple every year, one for myself and the second used to be for my Mum, since she passed away the second is gifted to a friend or an aunt for Christmas.
    There is so much useful information in the diary and of course, all those lovely recipes.
    Its lovely to be involved in picking the cover for the next edition of the diary each year.

    • Eileen
    • 07/04/2021

    Love the diary buy it every year for my self and my daughter, lovely to have the chance to win some flowers 💐😊

  1. I’ve bought the Dairy Diary kit every year for myself and my friend since the early nineteen nineties. Still love it . Lost without it one year I was too late, it had sold out.

    • Rosamunde Allen
    • 03/04/2021

    I should like to say that I feel the Diary covers should be quite different from one year to the next, which isn’t really the case with the current one.

    • Jeanne
    • 03/04/2021

    Thank you for the chance to buy the bag and address book together.

  2. Love all of the covers for 2023.
    Bright, fresh, uplifting. All gorgeous.

    • Jennifer Homeyard
    • 03/04/2021

    Love the diary. Bought the latest cookbook to bring my collection up-to-date.

    • Rochelle
    • 03/04/2021

    I have had the Dairy Diary since it first came out.
    I love it

    • Ann
    • 03/04/2021

    I love the diaries & recipes. I buy two copies every year. One for my self & the other for a friend who insists I buy her one for Christmas every year!😀

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