A fabulous Christmas gift at a great price!

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Dairy Diary Set Christmas Gift

The Dairy Diary Set is the ideal gift for all your family and friends this Christmas

A beautifully designed diary set to help you plan at home and when you are out and about.

Very popular gifts!

Dairy Diary Set contents:

  • Dairy Diary 2019 – Britain’s favourite home diary
  • Pocket Diary with pen attached
  • Notebook with pen attached

Excellent value for money at just £10.75

SAVES £2.25 off the cost of buying the Dairy Diary and Pocket Diary Set separately!



Dairy Diary Set - the perfect gift for family & friends


To get a taste for the fabulous weekly recipes in the Dairy Diary 2019, why not try these irresistible Cheese & Pecan Palmiers.


Cheese & Pecan Palmiers







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