Dairy Diary 2020 – the big reveal!

Dairy Diary 2020

I am SO excited to share with you the brand new Dairy Diary for 2020.

I genuinely think that this year’s diary is better than ever.

It has an absolutely beautiful cover design; classic good looks inside, fascinating features, and the recipes are just OUT OF THIS WORLD! (Sorry for shouting.)

2020 Dairy Diary A5 weeo-to-view diary

Practical and pretty, the Dairy Diary 2020 is perfect for organising and planning throughout 2020. Day-to-day, month-to-month, the diary is both an indispensable help and a source of information.

Inspirational weekly recipes

You can customise your diary with the coordinated stickers – easily identify your most important events. And the weekly recipes and food features will inspire you throughout the year. Bon appetit!

Dairy Diary 2020 gardening and food features


Dairy Diary 2020

  • A5, week-to-view diary
  • Delicious weekly recipes
  • Plenty of writing space
  • Home/kitchen info
  • Stickers to customise
  • Useful notes pocket
  • Calendars & budgeting
  • Fascinating articles

All this for just £8.75!





  1. Every year I look forward to yet another great Dairy Diary.

    • carole eaves
    • 17/09/2019

    oh yes! been a dairy diary devotee since 1983, so yes I’m in, looks fab as always

    • Tracey Jones
    • 16/09/2019

    My Mam used to buy her friends, me, my daughter, my Sister in Law and my nieces every year for Christmas. She passed away in 2018, so its passed on to me, I now do it in her place, I know she would want me too. Look foward to getting mine and more for presents !

    • wendy mortimer
    • 16/09/2019

    i have given a dairy diary to my friend in australia for the last 25 years. she says its a blessing…its meant to be a christmas gift but she starts filling the dates up way before then…yummy receipes too. … to cope with stains etc,,,, weights /measures/ really is one in a million book…

  2. Love it – look forward to getting mine, and maybe some more for presents!

    • Catherine Nelson
    • 16/09/2019

    I, too, have bought this diary for a few years now and love it. I try many of the recipes which are always successful. I will be buying one for 2020.

  3. I have been buying the Dairy Diary for many years also one for my sister, lovely recipes, lots of practical information, look forward each year to starting the New Year Diary.

    • Mrs. Joan Clark
    • 08/09/2019

    Like many other people I love the dairy diary and would like to buy one for 2020

    • Mo Sparrow
    • 08/09/2019

    I have a pile of my old Dairy diaries on the top shelf – which I still occasionally look back to – and I ALWAYS look forward to my next one – the best desk diary I have had and I have been having diaries for 50 years!!! and none has been as good as this one – it’s a must every year.

    • Beverley Bailey
    • 08/09/2019

    Looks amazing…,will be ordering when I am in UK again.

  4. I buy my lovely Dairy Diary each year, and very much look forward to having it.

    • Christopher Longwith
    • 07/09/2019

    I look forward to the new dairy diary every year. x

    • Janet Whitehead
    • 07/09/2019

    I love my diary every year,best thing about xmas!

    • Susan D
    • 07/09/2019

    Looks absolutely gorgeous and great for gift giving.

    • Elaine Warmingham
    • 07/09/2019

    Love the diary. Have purchased one for many years and love the recipes. I also buy an additional one for a friend’s birthday. Keep up the good work. Well done.

    • Anne Young
    • 07/09/2019

    I have had a Dairy Diary every single year since 1983.I just love it.

    • Daphne Anderson
    • 07/09/2019

    Looking forward to getting my 2020 Diary

    1. Dare I say the word doing head count of all who now look for one in their Christmas Stocking from mid teens to elderly relatives and friends…
      Mid Teens love it simplicity in language, instruction and so much useful info.
      Elderly relatives it is life long friend.
      As for us sandwiched in middle God send mid week meal, how to get stains out of someone’s fav shirt, quick home bake treat for everyone coming home or better baking while dog walked in morning wake up to wonderful smell home bakes to take unto work/school and keeps us at right appointment on right day, month time as we juggle balls if life in air.

      • Dawn Sanday
      • 07/09/2019

      What a fantastic all-in-one go-to diary….how could I be without one?

        • Carole
        • 16/09/2019

        Have bought this diary year in year out for as long as i can remember. Cannot be beaten. Love it. Looking forward to 2020 edition.

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