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Reflecting on 25 Years at Dairy Diary

This is a significant week in the office as it’s 25 years since I first began at Dairy Diary. And how things have changed since then!

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How things have changed!

Within a few months of starting with Dairy Diary, the company introduced email. Given how many emails we now send and receive every day, it’s difficult to imagine how we worked without it. There were certainly far more phone calls than we make today – I remember answering to one particular customer, whose secretary always had to make the call for him and announced him to me as though you might the King! And we certainly didn’t use the internet, everything we needed to know came from people, training courses and, of course, books.

Technology has moved on

Many more changes followed. Yesterday I travelled down to London for a photoshoot, and noticed just how differently people now dress for work. There was hardly a suit or tie in sight, and the majority of commuters were in comfy shoes. No more heels for me these days! (I’m sure I would have been wearing them in this photo from about 15 years ago.) And in the photography studio, technology has changed dramatically. To view the food photographs on the big screen rather than the tiny viewfinder of a camera is significantly easier. The location of the studio is much more pleasant now too – it used to be based above a very odorous fish wholesaler in a less than lovely area of Kings Cross (now developed to be very smart and trendy). After a shoot, we would preview and approve food photographs on transparencies (a sort of coloured negative) using a light box and writing comments on them using a chinagraph pencil (how my children would laugh!)

Emily discussing recipes with food stylist Sarah.

Whilst I still go to photo shoots, the amount of travel has significantly reduced since Covid. Like so many, discovering the ease and convenience of the Zoom meeting has meant that many meetings are still online rather than in person. And much of our market research is also online as we can reach so many more people than in-person questionnaires. We do still do small focus groups though, so we get to chat with people and explore their opinions in more detail.

It’s certainly been interesting!

During my 25 years (working on all these diaries) I have had so many different experiences with Dairy Diary from programming databases, testing recipes, manning exhibition stands in Blackpool, Buxton and Birmingham, budget planning, writing features, book production and designing everything from tea towels to torches. As well as picture research, art direction, driving a HUGE van (with a flat tyre), lengthy spreadsheets, processing thousands of orders, go-kart driving with milkmen, and many moons ago, even a trip with customers to Paris.

I also appeared on the front of the leaflet, but no one is ever seeing that again!

I have worked with many talented people, and I have had the pleasure of chatting to hundreds of our lovely customers, some who have sent letters, cards and even flowers. It’s not been without its challenges, but overall, it’s been fantastic!

I’d like everyone to celebrate with me, so this week I’m treating all our fabulous customers to 25% off EVERYTHING on our website. Use the code SILVER25 in the shopping basket.


Head of Dairy Diary; I'm passionate about producing high quality products that our customers will cherish. I'm also a mum of three and I enjoy cooking, walking, gardening and art with my family, as well as lino printing (if I find time!)

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