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St Andrew

When is St Andrew’s Day?

Scotland’s Patron Saint

Christmas Pudding

When is Stir Up Sunday?

The tradition dates back to Victorian times

When his Halloween?

When is Halloween?

When magic is at its most potent

School Milk Day

When is School Milk Day?

Celebrate the benefits and success

World Awareness Day

The Food Calendar 2020

Food and Drinks Awareness Days 2020

Summer Solstice UK

When is the Summer Solstice?

The official start to summer

Father's Day

When is Father’s Day?

First celebrated in Washington, US

St George

What date is St George’s Day and why is he patron saint of England?

George is the patron saint of many countries

When does spring begin?

When does spring begin?

What is the Vernal Equinox?

Leap Year 29 February

Leap years

The next leap year is…


2020 Dates to Remember

UK holidays, notable dates & religious dates

British Summertime: clocks go forward

When do the clocks go forward?

Spring forward, fall back

Dairy Diary
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