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Head of Dairy Diary; I'm passionate about producing high quality products that our customers will cherish. I'm also a mum of three and I enjoy cooking, walking, gardening and art with my family, as well as lino printing (if I find time!)
Really Cute Conker Crafts

Really Cute Conker Crafts

Get creative with conkers

Dairy Diary Notecards 2022

Take a look at the new beautiful Notecards

For sending loving messages

Delicious vegan recipes

Cooking for Vegan Guests

Two delicious vegan recipes

World Mental Health Day

Mental Health Monday

Autumn Wellness Routine

Dairy Diary Wall Planner

The Most Sought-After Wall Planner in GB!

A must-have for your kitchen


What’s in Season: October

Our favourite time of year

Eating five-a-day

How much is 1 of my 5 a day?

Aim for a colourful plate

How to remember everything

How to remember absolutely everything!

The Dairy Diary can help!


Our amazing customers love the Dairy Diary, you will too!

In the customers’ own words

Dairy Diary 40th Anniversary

Happy 40th Birthday to the Dairy Diary!

An icon since 1982

Dairy Diary 2022

Exciting news!

It’s launch month

More Taste and Less Waste Cookbook

More Taste & Less Waste, two years in the making!

Delicious food with less waste

Dairy Diary
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