Addresses & Reminders Book

Addresses & Reminders Book with Free Notepad

Addresses & Reminders Book
with FREE Notepad!

What better way to keep track of birthdays, anniversaries and addresses?

This Addresses & Reminders Book is as pretty as a picture.

Addresses & Reminders Book £8.99

Dotes to remember

Dates to remember

With 2 pages per month plus lots of notes pages there is ample space to record important dates. Plus wedding anniversaries and signs of the Zodiac information.

Card & Gift Lists

Card & gift lists

There is a handy table detailing birthstones, colours and flowers plus 22 pages for card lists and gift records – no need to worry about buying the same present twice!

Address Book

Tabbed address section

92 pages, containing four entries per page! That means lots of space for all your contacts’ details. And the tabs make finding them again a piece of cake.

Plenty of space for addresses, plus dates to remember, and useful pages for Christmas card lists and gift records.

With a lie-flat design, it’s as practical as it is pretty.

  • Dates to remember
  • Gift lists and Christmas card lists
  • Tabbed address section 
  • Pocket for business cards

A great gift.

Addresses, Dates to Remember & Gift Lists
Addresses & Reminders Book with free Notepad

Addresses & Reminders Book
with FREE Notepad


A high quality hardback book, printed in full colour.
Size: 217mm x 165mm x 23mm (8½” x 6½” x 1”)

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