6 Positive New Year’s Resolutions 

Hike for health

2020 has certainly been a year to remember, and it has affected every one of us in many different ways

Rather than deprive ourselves of things in 2021, here I’ve written a list of six ideas for mood-boosting resolutions; suggestions to lift the spirits.

1. Cherish memories

Memories are one of the most precious things we have – find old photos that remind you of happy times and make an album or upload pics to a printing website and create a photo book (I did this during lockdown and sent them to my closest friends, who I’ve missed so much over the past year). Or you could choose your favourite images and order canvases to hang on your wall. This photograph was taken on one of our favourite walks in Gower, where we holiday most years.

YouTube is a great place to keep family videos. You can keep your account private and just share it with friends and family. We have been watching films from when the children were tiny (one’s now a teenager). They guarantee a smile and a giggle – they grow up too fast!

Cherish memories

2. Be creative

Making something lovely gives such a sense of achievement; even more so if you give it to someone else to love. Find your ‘niche’ and revel in your creative abilities – everyone has a talent. It could be baking something gorgeous, sewing, knitting, painting, calligraphy, photography – the list is endless. I studied printmaking at university and have recently come back to it after years being too busy with young children. Printing my own Christmas cards was a really rewarding experience and reminded me how much I love the craft.
Be creative

3. Expand your culinary horizons

Sometimes we can get stuck in a rut, cooking the same meals week-in, week-out; choose a different cookbook each week to try one or two recipes from (take a look at the range of cookbooks we have available). Or give yourself the challenge of cooking the weekly recipe from your Dairy Diary each and every week!

4. Bake bread

It doesn’t have to be a fancy loaf – simply buy some bread flour and follow the recipe on the packet. The method of mixing and kneading – and of course enjoying the final result – is incredibly therapeutic.

5. Play a game

It’s easy to settle into a mundane routine; doing the same thing every day. Instead of watching tv one evening, play a card game or aboard game. In our house, we love the old favourites but have also discovered some great newer games recently too. The Genius Square is fun for all ages (and can get quite competitive too!)
Yoga for positivity

6. Enjoy feel-good exercise

Get those endorphins flowing with exercise. It has to be something you enjoy, or you’ll never stick to it. I’ve recently discovered Box Fit, which I LOVE; once an alien concept for anything fitness-related. It could be hiking or yoga, Zumba or swimming, anything that makes you smile while you’re doing it, and gives you that fuzzy afterglow. There may be times when lockdown pauses the possibility, just take it up again when it’s allowed.

Head of Dairy Diary; I'm passionate about producing high quality products that our customers will cherish. I'm also a mum of three and I enjoy cooking, walking, gardening and art with my family, as well as lino printing (if I find time!)

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