6 Handy Kitchen Tips plus New Recipe Collection

Kitchen gadgets

Great kitchen gadgets make cooking a lot easier

For the lowdown on really useful kitchen essentials see our guide here: Essential kitchen gadgets


Staying with the kitchen theme, here I share with you six tips that I find really useful

If there’s something that you use a lot and then find it is in the dishwasher mid-cycle, buy two! I’ve invested just a few pounds on an extra pair of scissors and another bread knife.

When slicing/chopping salad ingredients, use a small knife, it makes chopping finely much easier.

Keep your knives sharp!

Use ready-made cake tin liners – it may be a little lazy but saves so much time.

Store leftovers in Pyrex-type dishes that are suitable for the freezer and for the oven, so you don’t need to wash extra containers.

For fresh meat/fish, stack in the fridge by use-by date so that you use it in the necessary order. And freeze anything with short dates, if you don’t think that you’ll cook it within the coming couple of days (just check on the label that it’s not been previously frozen).


Oh and of course, no kitchen would be complete without a copy of our new cookbook; A Zest for Life!

Take a look at this gorgeous recipe collection, which showcases delicious autumnal recipes from the book.



Healthy Autumnal Food Recipes

Healthy Autumnal Comfort Food

Roast Autumn Fruit Compote 
Spiced Sweet Potato Soup 
Cauliflower Biriyani 
Frying Pan Clafoutis 


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