5 Benefits of a Reusable Dairy Diary Shopping Bag!

Dairy Diary shopping bag

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There are lots of benefits to using a reusable shopping bag, so we have listed a few of them below if you need an excuse to treat yourself!


  1. Protects our planet

Did you know it takes 500 years for a plastic carrier bag to degrade? Before the plastic bag tax was implemented, on average each person used 13,000 plastic carrier bags in a lifetime. That’s a LOT of plastic ending up in landfill and in our waters which poses a great risk to wildlife.

  1. Sturdier & longer lasting

Cotton totes can carry more weight than the typical plastic carrier bag. And are far less likely to split, spilling the contents all over the floor! The handles have an ergonomic design too, which means they are much easier and more comfortable to carry.

  1. Cost-effective

One Dairy Diary shopping bag can be reused time after time after time. So this means you only have to purchase one or two, rather than buying multiple 10p supermarket bags every week.

  1. Saves space

We have all had that ‘carrier bag full of carrier bags’ at some point in our lives; how much space did it take up?! The Dairy Diary shopping bag folds neatly and can be stored in a drawer, boot of your car or carried in your handbag for spur-of-the-moment purchases.

  1. Beautiful design!

Of course, we had to mention that our tote bag features a gorgeous image on both sides – we are proud to bag up our groceries in these as opposed to ugly, flimsy plastic bags. There are not many matching the 2021 diary left, so make sure to snap up this offer before we sell out!

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