3 Scrumptious Pancake Recipes

3 Scrumptious Pancake Recipes

The first Dairy Book of Home Cookery was published over 50 years ago, and people have been feeding their families from it ever since.

This cookery ‘bible’ has all those essentials in it that we turn to time-after-time.

The pancake recipe must have been used hundreds of thousands, if not millions of times.

I like to think about the fun had by so many families when cooking this recipe – the glee from the children allowed pancakes mid-week, the giggles shared when attempting to toss a pancake, the debates about which toppings are best.

Tomorrow is Shrove Tuesday, so get whisking and treat yourself to a chuckle trying to flip your pancakes.


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Here’s that classic pancake recipe for you to enjoy, and three more scrumptious pancake recipes that are a little more adventurous than lemon and sugar.

Mushroom Pancakes

Chicken, Broccoli & Cheese Pancake Bake

Crépes with Brandy Marmalade Sauce




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    • Jane Barnes
    • 17/02/2021

    Love mine. I’ve got two editions Bought them from the Milk Marketing Board. That closed inn1984!

    • Bobbie Minthull
    • 16/02/2021

    My 8 yr old granddaughter has loved pancakes since she was a small child and we had them in teddy bear picnics. Now she makes her own . I still use my original dairy cookbook that I was given when I was 11. I’m now 64

    • Sandra Read
    • 16/02/2021

    Fantastic recipes lots of information

  1. I love pancakes any time of the year. I like them with frozen berries made into a nice jam. Blackberry, blueberry, raspberries and honey with cinnamon.

  2. But I like lemon and sugar! Mind you it has created a WhatsApp debate, with family, this morning. Everyone has a different opinion!

    • jean MILLER
    • 16/02/2021

    Made some lovely pancakes today with Bananas

    • Linda Hall
    • 16/02/2021

    I still have a Dairy cook book I purchased 53 years ago, I still refer to it today , and I’m 71. It has been my best buddy throughout the years. Thankyou all of you.

  3. I still have a very old copy of the original Dairy Cookbook and have lost count of the times it has been used from making scones to preserves in now ‘old style’ script and imperial measurements, I would not ever give this book away, but would love to receive the new version. I had hoped for a copy for Xmas but sadly, this was not to be.

  4. Still got my Dairy Diary from when first moved out of parents Love it although some recipes are a bit hard to read as lent to sister whom had 2 young children so have got kiddy scribbles on some pages Wouldn’t be without it though. Both kids now in mid/late 30s lol xxl

  5. This would be a lovely prize

      • Samantha Ambrose
      • 17/02/2021

      I bought my first Dairy Book Of Home Cookery of our milkman in 1982. I was 19. Along the The Dairy Book of Home Management these two book were the blueprint to becoming proficient in many arts of housekeeping. I would love to win the 50th Anniversary copy to add to my Dairy collection.

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