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The Dairy Diary launches new cookbook to celebrate 35 years of culinary inspiration

One of Britain’s most popular diary series is celebrating its 35th anniversary by launching a new cookbook featuring a collection of its best recipes from the last 35 years.

The Dairy Diary has become one of Britain’s most recognised and best-loved books since its inception in 1982, selling over 30 million copies worldwide.

To mark the launch of the new Dairy Diary – the 35th anniversary edition – publisher Eaglemoss has produced a companion cookbook called Dairy Diary Favourites, which features 100 triple-tested recipes from the past 35 years, including at least one from every previous edition of the diary.

From children’s teas and quick midweek meals to delicious weekend lunches and decadent desserts, Dairy Diary Favourites takes a culinary trip down memory lane, showcasing 100 of the best and most frequently requested recipes from the last four decades.


Executive Editor Nick Rowe, who has worked on the diary for 21 years, said: “The Dairy Diary has showcased over 2000 recipes since the first edition was published in 1982 so it would be impossible to recreate all of them in one book.

“We’ve therefore cherry-picked 100 of the most popular recipes from the last 35 years, including at least one from every edition.

“Of course the terms ‘best’ and ‘favourite’ are subjective and will vary with personal taste, but the aim of Dairy Diary Favourites is to take the reader on a culinary journey through the last four decades.”


First launched by the Milk Marketing Board, the Dairy Diary was originally sold exclusively by milkmen and quickly became known as a trusted source of information for running a busy home, mixing culinary inspiration with practical domestic advice.

Although the series has moved with the times and now features useful web addresses and QR codes, the new Dairy Diary still shares many of the same values as the original, providing readers with a mix of fascinating features, useful household information and its famous practical and delicious triple-tested recipes.


Nick Rowe added: “Although we live in the digital age of tablets and smartphones, there is something special and reassuring about a paper diary which cannot be replicated in an app, which is why the Dairy Diary has stood the test of time.

“A diary is a very personal thing and what we tend to find is people like something they can touch and feel and write in - with a real pen!

“A diary is also a lasting record of your life’s events; something you can keep and refer back to whenever you want or need to.

“Many of our customers have grown up with the Dairy Diary and it has proved to be a useful companion throughout their adult lives.

“As well as providing culinary inspiration through our triple-tested recipes, we’ve covered a range of fascinating topics over the last 35 years, from providing tips on how to lay a patio to administering first aid to pets! We try to educate, inform and inspire our readers in equal measure.

“The new Dairy Diary contains a feature on the power of positive thinking, for instance, which is particularly timely and relevant as Britain prepares for a new chapter in its history following the EU Referendum.”


The new Dairy Diary (£7.99) and the new cookbook Dairy Diary Favourites (£8.25) are both published by Eaglemoss and are available to order online at or via the milkman, of course.




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