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2015 diary with weekly recipes

Make more time for the good things in life with the Dairy Diary 2015

Britain’s best-selling home diary is back for a 33rd year with its best book yet.

The 2015 Dairy Diary is bulging with fascinating features on an array of subjects, from Britain’s Maritime history to laying on the quintessential afternoon tea.

There is also a must-read section entitled ‘Brain Training’, which offers you invaluable advice about how to boost your brain power.

If that’s not enough, there are also 45 delicious recipes to suit all occasions and tastes, from simple soups and snacks, to hearty main meals such as Spicy Sausage and Bean Stew.

For those who like to bake, there is a tempting array of cakes to try, such as Raspberry and White Chocolate Muffins, and Rich Chocolate Guinness Cupcakes.

Executive Editor, Nick Rowe, says: “We’ve worked hard to ensure the latest version of the Dairy Diary is as relevant to today’s audience as the first one was to its audience 33 years ago.
“Obviously times have changed in the intervening years but the Dairy Diary has always remained an important source of useful information for different generations.
“With so much essential information at your fingertips, it means you can free up more time for the good things in life.”

Other notable features of the 2015 Dairy Diary include:

  • Clear week-to-view diary
  • Essential kitchen and home information
  • Reminder stickers
  • Handy pocket for notes and cards
  • Budgeting, conversions, addresses, etc.

The first edition of the Dairy Diary was produced by the Milk Marketing Board in 1982. More than 30 million copies have been sold to date, making it Britain’s favourite home diary.

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